Walking Away from Love

Life as an adult is about making choices, and there are no guarantees they will be the right ones. People have found that regret often follows them throughout their lives, so that is one reason to make sure to think through their decisions. For those who planned a scholastic future with a promising career to follow, walking away from love could seem like a good idea. They might not know it at the time, but their regret for not investing in a relationship could haunt them throughout the rest of their lives as they try to recapture those feelings with others.

Not the right time

Being able to focus solely on achieving a goal is not living a balanced life, but many people have chosen that path. They believe that getting established in a career is the most important facet of their future, so they run away from even the possibility of a relationship. They might justify it with the belief it is not the right time to seek romance or waste time dating, but they seldom realize their opportunity might come only once. When they walk away from someone willing to love them, they could be giving up on a lifetime of happiness.

Career Fulfilment

Those who are able to spend all their time and energy on work are seeking career fulfilment, but they could find it is not all they had really dreamed of when they were younger. It might feel good when they win an award or achieve a goal, but they have no one to share it with them. Looking around they might see other people with fewer accolades living happier lives, and they might finally choose to seek a relationship. Their social skills might be rusty, but they can always find someone for a date or two. They do not always realize a relationship takes more than that, and finding the right person could now be impossible.

Looking back

For those who are not successful at achieving their new goal, looking back on their past opportunity could provide them with some insight. They might see that what they were willing to give up was everything that would have really made them happy, and they might not be able to capture that ever again. Tracking down that one person who was willing to be with them could be a bad idea, and they might find the other person happy in life with someone else. It can turn their vague misgivings into permanent regrets when they realize they could have had a better life if they had opened the door to a relationship sooner.

Living with regret is often due to making wrong choices, but it is not always possible to view the outcome of each one. For those who once had a chance at love and walked away, it could take decades before they discover the truth. While it will not be helpful to find out what they could have had, being able to find it now could be impossible. They will need to focus just as much on this goal as they did on the career they thought was so important.